Microsolar SA offers domestic and commercial solar water heating and electricity generation solutions. Our Range of High Quality Solar geysers and Inverters can be tailored to suit your needs. Microsolar geysers are sold in over 20 Countries, and are considered to be one of the most efficient Thermo-Syphon water heating systems currently available.  Our patented thermosyphon design was also awarded the prestigious TIME magazine "Heroes of the planet - Design" award in the 5th April 1999 issue.

Solar Power is already a very attractive renewable energy option, which is incredibly beneficial to the environment. The process of converting sunlight to electrical energy has improved dramatically over the last few decades, and is now more efficient than ever. The use of solar energy has been around for years in small devices such as calculators, but now it is already powering houses and businesses off of these solar powered systems.

Solar is one of the most promising renewable energy sources currently available, due to the fact that solar power is abundant. The rays that emanate from the sun can produce as much as 1,000 watts of energy for every square meter of the earth’s surface depending on various conditions. By collecting that energy, we would never have to rely upon damaging fossil fuels again. A solar PV system uses sunlight to generate electricity which you can use to power your home or office that can reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Solar Geysers offer an Eco-friendly water heating solution that significantly reduces the dependency on electricity and ultimately results in significant savings as well.